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when you hug your straight friend but he forgets to say no homo


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"When was the last time anyone ever told you how important you are?"
―Maya Angelou  (via spuandi)
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A-Z (:

A - Why my last relationship ended. 
Cheating on their part.

B - Favourite band. 
Crystal Castles or The Cure

C - Who I like and why I like them. 
My boyfriend, Aaron, of course. He makes me laugh everyday, makes me feel warm inside, knows me inside and out, has the most beautiful eyes and laugh I’ve ever heard and is just an all round good guy for me.

D - Hardest thing I’ve ever been through. 
First year of uni is the first thing to come to mind. My health was terrible and my mind was in a really bad place at the time. 

E - My best friend. 
Laura, my friend of 12 years

F - My favourite movie. 
Big Fish, Closer, Girl; Interrupted, Romy and Michele, idk.

G - Sexual orientation. 

H - Do I smoke/drink?

I - Have any tattoos or piercings? 
One tattoo and three piercings.

J - What I want to be when I get older.
I’m almost there now I guess. In a year, I will be a fully qualified primary school teacher.

K - Relationship with my parents. 
A hundred times better than it has been. 

L - One of my insecurities.
Not being interesting/funny enough for someone to maintain interest in me.

M - Virgin or not?

N - Favourite place to shop at.

O - My eye colour.

P - Why I hate school.
You’re expected to learn a lot of stuff that is never going to be relevant to your life or actually assess your true intelligence and so much time is wasted on this rather than teaching you skills and knowledge that you actually need for life both in and beyond school.

Q - Relationship status as of right now.

R - Favourite song at the moment.
Marina and the Diamonds - Froot. Goddess vibes

S - A random fact about myself.
I want to be buried on a bed of foam hearts from Haribo Starmix/

T - Age I get mistaken for.
Idk, hopefully no older than I am…

U - Where I want to be right now.
With my other half, spooning and just chatting about general shit. It’s when I’m happiest.

V - Last time I cried.
Just over an hour ago.

W - Concerts I’ve been to.
Bowling for soup, the bloodhound gang, mindless self indulgence, alphabeat, bring me the horizon, crystal castles, katy perry, the vaccines, everything everything, beyonce etc \m/

X - …

Y - Do you want to go to college?
Been and gone.

Z - How are you?
Generally fantastic thanks

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